We often take where we live for granted and don't spend enough time enjoying our surroundings.  While we have been to most places on Kangaroo Island numerous times we are inclined to let being busy get in the way.  So this year we are going to spend more Sunday's enjoying ourselves and try and remember the jobs will still get done.

Phillips birthday was on the 25th January and we celebrated with friends Pete and Julie on Australia Day with a road trip starting with lunch at The Marron Farm.

Marron are a fresh water crustacean and if you like seafood a Poachers Platter at Andermell Marron Farm is delicious.

After lunch we wandered along many country back roads past what was once my family's farm which I haven't been near in many years to end up at Western River Cove.  At the base of a steep hill this small bay is accessed by a foot bridge and a short walk to the beach.

Western River Cove is at the Western end of Kangaroo Island



 We then drove along the North Coast road which gives glimpses of the sea as we travelled to Stokes Bay another very pretty beach for an icecream.  Stokes Bay is deceiving as the beach where you park your car is a rocky little beach and if you have never been there would wonder why it is one of the islands popular beaches.  However a short walk through a tunnel in the rocks brings you to a long sandy beach with a small rock pool at the start which is safe swimming for small children.

 We had a fantastic day with good friends.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse of Kangaroo Island and I hope that you visit us one day in the future.