100 % Wool Felt

By Heather Buck
on January 28, 2016
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Since we started stocking Wool Felt last year I have fallen in love with it.


The 100% Wool felt we stock is made predominately from Australian Merino wool and felted in Europe.  I like to support Australian where possible so this is the first tick.  There was a time when we were wool farmers ourselves

Wool felt is hard wearing, non toxic, soft, colourfast and great to use.  Once you have used wool you won't want to go back to Acrylic.  With 70 colours and 10 Naturals there is a colour for every project.  It is great for all sorts of craft projects including Applique and Embroidery, Finger Puppets, Book marks Felt Flowers and lots of other craft ideas.
We keep in stock 20cm x 30cm (8" x 12") which are $4 each we can also get larger pieces if required.

We also have starter packs of 7 colours.  Pieces are 8" x 6" for $16 a pack

 These are available through our website



Happy Stitching


Bay Window Postal Charges

By Heather Buck
on November 21, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

This is rather long winded so I will apologise in advance.  I want to explain how the postage works on our website.

The easiest way for us to set the postage on the website has been to have it linked with the  number of $$$'s you have spent with postage within Australia capped at $15 which means the bigger the order the more you save on postage.

When ordering only 1-2 patterns these go out as a large letter and the postage is minimal.

We do however have a few product categories which have small items but bulky and the only way we have been able to include these items on the website is to have a postage override built into them.  For example 1 ball of Valdani thread is $7 but the postage for this 1 ball is $8 ridiculous but that is the way our postage system works.  If you purchase other items this is not an issue as the one postage charge will cover it all.  In fact you can purchase as many threads as will fit in a 500gm satchel(20??) and the charge remains $8 for all of them.

But the website isn't smart enough to acknowledge that you have already been charged the override postage amount for these items(Valdani, Simplicity, Sewline) and will charge you again at the checkout the normal postage amount dependant on the $$$'s spent.  So to fix this if you have been overcharged postage at the checkout we will refund postage back into your account when we process the order.

Postage is only affected on the items with a postage override,  Orders that don't include these items are not affected.

I hope this is clear if you have any queries or prefer to look at the items on the website then place your order by calling me on 0885532740 that is fine.

Happy Stitching



Insights on Designing and Copyright infringements

By Heather Buck
on May 28, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk about a subject that comes up all too often at the craft fairs and a topic I think needs some clarification.

I get that a lot of you have limited budgets to spend on craft projects, I am no different and when you get to a craft fair or store their are decisions to be made.  I hear all too often 'you buy the pattern and I will get a copy from you' this is unfair on the designer and in breach of copyright laws.

Designers earn their living from selling their designs/patterns and each time you take a copy of a pattern for a friend that is lost income for the designer.

Some of you say that the patterns are too expensive and why should I pay $$$ for what is essentially only a few sheets of paper.  The work that goes into designing a quilt is far more than the printing of the pattern.

When I design a quilt there is several weeks sometimes months of thought before I so much as put pen to paper.  Then a layout needs to be worked out, which works with the vision of what I want the quilt to look like.  Measurements need to be accurately calculated so all the pieces go together with a minimum of fuss. 

If I am working on an applique quilt the drawings for the appliques need to be done, then reversed so that you the customer can trace them off with each piece facing in the correct direction, ready to be included on your quilt.  Then the instructions need to be written and diagrams drawn and included where necessary.  Once I have the pattern written I then need to make a sample of the quilt checking my instructions are correct.  The next step is to quilt and bind the quilt so that Phillip can then set up our studio lights and photograph the quilt.

Next step is to design and print the pattern covers and finally staple fold and package the patterns.  This is all done not know if you the quilting public are going to like the design I have just completed or if it will fail to capture your interest and it is back to the drawing board for me to start again on a new design.

Back to the issue of Copyright.

I don't have a problem with a couple of friends purchasing several patterns between them providing they don't print copies of the patterns.  While strictly speaking it is still in breach of copyright.

When a designer puts pen to paper her designs in Australia are covered by Copyright wether the copyright symbol is present or not.

If a shop is selling kits they need to have purchased as many patterns as they have kits.  If kits are being sold with photocopies of patterns this is also in breach.  Likewise if someone is teaching a class every person in that class needs to purchase a pattern and the teacher should not be running of copies for a small donation.  If a teacher is teaching a project which is in a magazine everyone in the class needs to purchase a copy of the magazine.

I know that most of you do the right thing.  I hope I have given you all something to think about and the next time you see someone illegally printing patterns you will step forward and point out to them what they are doing is wrong.

Happy Stitching


What is a Fat Quarter??

By Heather Buck
on May 28, 2015
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How many of you know the difference between an imperial and a metric fat quarter??


Patterns often have fat quarters listed in the requirements but not what size fat quarters were used.

I am an Australian Designer and while I make my quilts using inches I purchase my fabric in metres or centimetres.  When I write a pattern and specify a fat quarter in the requirements they are metric fat quarters.  American designers write their patterns using American or Imperial fat quarters.

So what is the difference I hear you say.

Metric fat quarters are 50 cm x 1/2 the width of the fabric which makes them 50 cm x 55 cm. which in imperial measurements makes them approx. 20" x 22"

An American or Imperial fat quarter is 18" x 22" which makes them 2" smaller along one side than a Metric or Australian Fat Quarter.

Both are available in Australia.  The precuts shops buy in from distributors, will nearly always be an American fat quarter and budget shops like Spotlight, will also have American fat quarters.  At the Craft fairs and in your local patchwork shops any fat quarters that are cut in store should be Australian/Metric fat quarters.  If you are unsure ask the assistant.


Happy Stitching




By Heather Buck
on February 09, 2014
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Phillip and I have been having lessons on how to photograph our quilts from a local Professional photographer Pete Nash of PN Photography.  While we still have a lot to learn our quilts are already looking so much better. 

It has been so frustrating to have quilts that we think look great, only to have the photos let them down so we have spent the summer retaking the pictures of our quilts for the pattern covers and images to use on both the websites. 

I hope you will agree that there is a huge improvement. 

We no longer have shadows on our quilts.  They photograph square because we now know where to position the camera and they are very close to true to colour which we think is important.  It is no longer taking all day to photograph one quilt and then settling on the best image we have managed.  So now to share some of the new pictures with you.


Stitcheries have benefited from the new photos  Shown above are 9 of the 12 bird stitcheries below is Oceans Alive both of these stitcheries only use simple stitches


By Air, By Rail, By Sea is my newest Applique quilt and I think that it is the best design I have done in the 5 years I have been designing.  I hope you like it


Happy Stitching


Last Craft fair for 2013

By Heather Buck
on November 15, 2013
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We have travelled to cities all around Australia this year selling our unique range of patterns.  Phillip and I have enjoyed visiting each city and meeting so many of our customers.  We have just finished our last craft fair for 2013 and our pallet cage has arrived home.

Now the enormous task of sorting everything our deciding which quilts we will take with us next year and which ones will stay at the shop.  Once that is done I will start working on new quilt designs so that we have a fresh new look for next year.  I will continue to work on applique patterns but will also have some modern quilt designs the first pattern for next year has already been written ready to make once I have the right fabrics

Next week I am off to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Market which is one of two wholesale fairs each year.  I will be looking for new fabrics and notions to share with all of you


Happy Stitching


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