This months project uses the triangle from the 6" Scrap Crazy Block.  Both projects shown are made using the same Strip of fabric, the difference is in the order in which you place the triangles.


3 fabrics are needed to complete this block plus a background fabric.

Start by cutting a 2 1/2"strip of the spot fabric, a 1" strip of the Brown fabric and a 2" strip of the stripe fabric.

Join the three strips together

Then cut triangles out along the length of the strip

Separate the triangles out into 2 sets one with the spots along the longest side and the other with the stripes along the longest side.  Then cut a strip of White fabric the width of the Triangle template and cut a set of white triangles.

Lay out the triangles in two rows, position each triangle as shown above to form the pattern then join the triangles together in rows before joining the rows to each other.

To make complete hexagons use only 1 set of triangles to form each hexagon,  still join triangles together in rows then join rose to each other. 

When completed trim the edges back to a 1/4" for seams


Happy Stitching