Hi Everyone,

This month I thought I would share with you my Crazy Patch Table runner that I show as part of my Circle talk at the Craft Shows.  This pretty Table runner is a great way to use up scraps.  It would also make a decorative throw across the end of the bed.   Make the circles larger add in a couple of extras and a border or two and you have a stunning decorative strip for the end of the bed.


This fun runner can be made any size with any size circles.

Crazy Patch is a great way of using up Scraps of fabric

  1. Start with a square of Quilters Muslin 1” larger than the circle that you are wanting.
  2. From your fabric scraps lay a strip of fabric across the muslin square right side up then lay another strip of fabric on top of this right side down and sew the two strips together through the Muslin.
  3. Press open continuing to add strips of fabric until the entire square is covered. If your scraps are not large enough or you want to add more interest join several small sections of fabric together before adding to the crazy patch square.


4.    Once the squares are covered cut out circles to the desired size. My circles were

       cut 10 ½”

5.    The Circles can now be decorated along all the seam lines either by hand or using

       the decorative stitches on your machine.

6.    When the circles are finished they can either be appliquéd onto the background

       fabric for the table runner or they can be inset into the background.

Below are the instructions for setting circles into blocks


Setting in Circles

  1. Decide on the size of the circle and cut circle from chosen fabric
  2. Then cut a square at least a couple of inches bigger than the finished circle size and cut a circle from the square 1” smaller than the size of the circle being inserted
  3. Mark the ¼ points on both the circle of fabric and the circle hole cut from the square



4.     With right sides together line up the pins on the square and the circle then ease

        the curve between the pins and add extra pins to hold in place.

5.     Sew the circle and square together with the square facing up as it will sit flatter

        then press the seam towards the edges of the square.


 Happy Stitching