Star blocks are one of the easiest designs to make using your Scrap Crazy templates.  They can be made using the 6" and the 8" templates.

To make a star blocks you need to make 4 identical blocks with either the 6" or the 8" Scrap Crazy templates.


Once you have made the four blocks they are put together as 2 pairs of blocks with the same corner of each block to the centre.  Then the 2 pairs are joined together. to form the star.


By having the same corner of each block to the centre you form a 12" star.  Each block will make 4 different stars determined by which corner is used in the centre of each block.



Using the 8" Scrap Crazy Ruler and putting your blocks together the same as for the 6" you will get the stars below.  They will be a finished size of 16"





Each of the 4 finished star blocks can be in different colours, so long as the 4 blocks that form each star are the same.

These star blocks put together with sashing and a border will make a great quilt or make every star block the same and put them together without sashing for a different effect.

   Quilt using 6" blocks

   Quilt using 8" blocks.

 Each quilt has 4 different options, the look will be determined by which star block is used

Happy Stitching