100% Pure Merino Wool Felt

By Heather Buck
on March 11, 2017
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If you have visited our stand at one of the Craft shows you would know that I am working on lots of projects using wool felt with many more to come.  I find it lovely to work with and the edges don't fray so when using them to applique small projects there is no need to stitch completely around each piece.  I often only stitch in the middle of a piece and leave the edges raw which gives more of a 3D look

I have been asked why should I use wool felt when acrylic is cheaper.  Acrylic might be cheaper and this makes it great for children to use for their craft projects, however if you are going to put a lot of time into making a soft toy or other project you want it to last.

Below are the benefits of wool as I see it.

Benefits of Wool Felt

Wool is soft but durable

Won't go as fuzzy as Acrylic felt

Doesn't Pill

The fibres are stronger and more tightly woven than acrylic which means when you are stuffing a toy the stitching isn't likely pull out.

Stain Resistant

Water Resistant

Fire Resistant which I think is very important when making toys for children

This is a natural sustainable resource and breaks down when discarded in landfill

The brand of wool felt we sell is made from Australian wool which means we are all supporting Australian Farmers

Our felt is suitable to use in the Brother Scan n Cut machines

Most importantly it is available in 96 colours so we should have a colour to suit most projects.

We can also get larger pieces if needed


I hope this has given you food for thought

Happy Stitching


Hexagon project using 6" Scrap Crazy Ruler

By Heather Buck
on August 02, 2016
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This months project uses the triangle from the 6" Scrap Crazy Block.  Both projects shown are made using the same Strip of fabric, the difference is in the order in which you place the triangles.


3 fabrics are needed to complete this block plus a background fabric.

Start by cutting a 2 1/2"strip of the spot fabric, a 1" strip of the Brown fabric and a 2" strip of the stripe fabric.

Join the three strips together

Then cut triangles out along the length of the strip

Separate the triangles out into 2 sets one with the spots along the longest side and the other with the stripes along the longest side.  Then cut a strip of White fabric the width of the Triangle template and cut a set of white triangles.

Lay out the triangles in two rows, position each triangle as shown above to form the pattern then join the triangles together in rows before joining the rows to each other.

To make complete hexagons use only 1 set of triangles to form each hexagon,  still join triangles together in rows then join rose to each other. 

When completed trim the edges back to a 1/4" for seams


Happy Stitching


Project using 8" Scrap Crazy Ruler set.

By Heather Buck
on June 28, 2016
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This project uses the 8 " Scrap Crazy Ruler set and can be put together in lots of different ways.

There are only 3 fabrics used to piece the blocks.

For each block you will need to cut the following

Cut 1 C piece from the green fabric

Cut 1 C piece and 1 A piece from the Red Fabric

Cut 1 D piece and 1 B piece from the Blue fabric

Piece together each block as shown below

There are lots of options to assemble blocks into a quilt.  Join 4 blocks together as shown to form a star block.



This block now measures 16 1/2" square.

Blocks can be put together in rows with sashing strips in between each block and each row for a totally different effect.

Instead of joining 4 blocks together to form a star add in the sashings before the stars are assembled for a different look.

These options have all been assembled with the same star block.  Rotate blocks so that a different corner of the block is too the centre and it will change the entire look of the quilt.


This block gives you a lot of variety and can be used over and over to create different quilts.


Have fun playing with the Scrap Crazy Blocks


Happy Stitching


Split Seconds Table Runner

By Heather Buck
on May 26, 2016
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This month I will give instructions for this pretty runner using Creative Grids Split Seconds Ruler.

You will need 2 pieced blocks and 2 solid blocks.

Start with a 6" square of fabric then using complimentary fabrics join a strip to one side of the square and then press seam flat.  Trim any excess fabric so that you are always working with a straight edge.  Then join a second strip of fabric to the next side of the square.  The strips do not need to be of a uniform width.  In fact it adds more interest to the block if the width of each strip varies..  Keep adding in strips of fabric until you have a pieced block large enough to cut a 16 1/2" block.  You will need 2 blocks.

Then cut 2 blocks in a complimentary colour 16 1/2" x 16 1/2"

Repeat with the other 2 blocks

Then move 1 of the pieced sections behind the plain piece so that you have a pieced and a plain section and join together along the curved cut.

 Repeat with the other sections.  You will end up with 4 blocks.(Only need 3 for the table runner)

For the sashings cut a strip 1 1/2" wide then cross cut into 2 - 1 1/2" x 16 1/2" strips.

Join a sashing strip to the right hand side of the first block then join a second block to the other side of the sashing.

Join a second block to the right of the sashing strip followed by another sashing strip then the third block.

 For the border cut 3 x 2" strips.  Trim 2 x 50 1/2" long and add to top and bottom of Table runner

Trim 2 x 19 1/2" long and add to either end of the runner.

These blocks would also look lovely used in a bed quilt.

I hope you have fun with this project.

Happy Stitching


Drunkards Path

By Heather Buck
on April 28, 2016
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This month I thought I would talk about Drunkards Path Quilts.

I like to get value out of my rulers and the more different projects I can make using the same ruler the happier that I am.

Yes you can purchase Drunkards Path Templates but I prefer to use my Circle Ruler.  The block for a drunkards path is simply a square with a circle in the middle that has then been cut into quarters.  The instructions below are to applique the circle to the block, if you prefer the circle can be set into the block.


There are lots of different layouts for Drunkards Path Quilts.  Lay out your blocks in a pattern that you find pleasing then join your blocks together into rows.  Then join the rows together.

Happy Stitching


Star Blocks using 6" & 8" Scrap Crazy Templates

By Heather Buck
on March 30, 2016
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Star blocks are one of the easiest designs to make using your Scrap Crazy templates.  They can be made using the 6" and the 8" templates.

To make a star blocks you need to make 4 identical blocks with either the 6" or the 8" Scrap Crazy templates.


Once you have made the four blocks they are put together as 2 pairs of blocks with the same corner of each block to the centre.  Then the 2 pairs are joined together. to form the star.


By having the same corner of each block to the centre you form a 12" star.  Each block will make 4 different stars determined by which corner is used in the centre of each block.



Using the 8" Scrap Crazy Ruler and putting your blocks together the same as for the 6" you will get the stars below.  They will be a finished size of 16"





Each of the 4 finished star blocks can be in different colours, so long as the 4 blocks that form each star are the same.

These star blocks put together with sashing and a border will make a great quilt or make every star block the same and put them together without sashing for a different effect.

   Quilt using 6" blocks

   Quilt using 8" blocks.

 Each quilt has 4 different options, the look will be determined by which star block is used

Happy Stitching


Crazy Table Runner

By Heather Buck
on February 25, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

This month I thought I would share with you my Crazy Patch Table runner that I show as part of my Circle talk at the Craft Shows.  This pretty Table runner is a great way to use up scraps.  It would also make a decorative throw across the end of the bed.   Make the circles larger add in a couple of extras and a border or two and you have a stunning decorative strip for the end of the bed.


This fun runner can be made any size with any size circles.

Crazy Patch is a great way of using up Scraps of fabric

  1. Start with a square of Quilters Muslin 1” larger than the circle that you are wanting.
  2. From your fabric scraps lay a strip of fabric across the muslin square right side up then lay another strip of fabric on top of this right side down and sew the two strips together through the Muslin.
  3. Press open continuing to add strips of fabric until the entire square is covered. If your scraps are not large enough or you want to add more interest join several small sections of fabric together before adding to the crazy patch square.


4.    Once the squares are covered cut out circles to the desired size. My circles were

       cut 10 ½”

5.    The Circles can now be decorated along all the seam lines either by hand or using

       the decorative stitches on your machine.

6.    When the circles are finished they can either be appliquéd onto the background

       fabric for the table runner or they can be inset into the background.

Below are the instructions for setting circles into blocks


Setting in Circles

  1. Decide on the size of the circle and cut circle from chosen fabric
  2. Then cut a square at least a couple of inches bigger than the finished circle size and cut a circle from the square 1” smaller than the size of the circle being inserted
  3. Mark the ¼ points on both the circle of fabric and the circle hole cut from the square



4.     With right sides together line up the pins on the square and the circle then ease

        the curve between the pins and add extra pins to hold in place.

5.     Sew the circle and square together with the square facing up as it will sit flatter

        then press the seam towards the edges of the square.


 Happy Stitching





Chevron Stripe using 8" Scrap Crazy Rulers

By Heather Buck
on January 31, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

This months project is a Chevron Stripe using the 8" Scrap Crazy Ruler


The Block for this quilt is 6 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" high.   It is made using only the B and C templates for the 8" Scrap Crazy Blocks.

You will also need blocks that are mirror images of each other which means cutting half the pieces with the fabric facing up and half with the fabric facing down.  Keep these separate from each other.

Make blocks by joining a coloured B and C piece together and a cream B and C piece together then join the two sections together to complete each block.

  Half the blocks will look like this and half will look like the block below.

They are then put together in rows

Row 1


 Row 2


 Row 3

 Row 4

 Then join rows together

 Happy Stitching


Kangaroo Island, A day out

By Heather Buck
on January 29, 2016
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We often take where we live for granted and don't spend enough time enjoying our surroundings.  While we have been to most places on Kangaroo Island numerous times we are inclined to let being busy get in the way.  So this year we are going to spend more Sunday's enjoying ourselves and try and remember the jobs will still get done.

Phillips birthday was on the 25th January and we celebrated with friends Pete and Julie on Australia Day with a road trip starting with lunch at The Marron Farm.

Marron are a fresh water crustacean and if you like seafood a Poachers Platter at Andermell Marron Farm is delicious.

After lunch we wandered along many country back roads past what was once my family's farm which I haven't been near in many years to end up at Western River Cove.  At the base of a steep hill this small bay is accessed by a foot bridge and a short walk to the beach.

Western River Cove is at the Western end of Kangaroo Island



 We then drove along the North Coast road which gives glimpses of the sea as we travelled to Stokes Bay another very pretty beach for an icecream.  Stokes Bay is deceiving as the beach where you park your car is a rocky little beach and if you have never been there would wonder why it is one of the islands popular beaches.  However a short walk through a tunnel in the rocks brings you to a long sandy beach with a small rock pool at the start which is safe swimming for small children.

 We had a fantastic day with good friends.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse of Kangaroo Island and I hope that you visit us one day in the future.


100 % Wool Felt

By Heather Buck
on January 28, 2016
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Since we started stocking Wool Felt last year I have fallen in love with it.


The 100% Wool felt we stock is made predominately from Australian Merino wool and felted in Europe.  I like to support Australian where possible so this is the first tick.  There was a time when we were wool farmers ourselves

Wool felt is hard wearing, non toxic, soft, colourfast and great to use.  Once you have used wool you won't want to go back to Acrylic.  With 70 colours and 10 Naturals there is a colour for every project.  It is great for all sorts of craft projects including Applique and Embroidery, Finger Puppets, Book marks Felt Flowers and lots of other craft ideas.
We keep in stock 20cm x 30cm (8" x 12") which are $4 each we can also get larger pieces if required.

We also have starter packs of 7 colours.  Pieces are 8" x 6" for $16 a pack

 These are available through our website



Happy Stitching


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